Florida is a hot spot for beauty services, and to compete, your spa or salon will need to offer all of the most popular options. Electrology, which encompasses hair removal methods like electrolysis and others, is right on the top of that popularity list. Before you start, though, you should make sure you have plenty of electrology insurance in FL. This will ensure that you don’t take on unnecessary financial risk in your quest to expand your operation.

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A Well-Rounded Insurance Package

Good packages of electrology insurance for hair removal in FL don’t stop with covering the electrology itself. They include professional liability insurance, which is indeed the type that protects you from damage claims arising from the performance of the service, but continue on to offer general business/liability insurance as well. The latter is the type of coverage that protects you from costs associated with things like slip-and-fall accidents, people accidentally letting your door close on their hands, fires, thefts, and similar risks.

If you hire employees, you will need to go a step further than you would if you simply take out self employed electrology insurance in FL. You’ll then need to add workers’ compensation insurance, which is activated if an employee is injured during or due to the performance of his or her duties. This is needed no matter what task the employee performs, from janitor all the way up to highly trained services.

To get the insurance you need for your electrology business in FL, contact us here at Marine Agency Insurance. We’ll be glad to work with you to create the perfect coverage package.


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