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Maybe you’re planning a bachelorette party for yourself or a friend and are looking for some ideas. There are many options. The bachelorette party in mind doesn’t have to be rooted in strip clubs or phallic-shaped balloons and straws! It’s time for a more sophisticated, but just as fun and freewheeling, bachelorette party!

You can have a set theme or go without, but there is sure to be wine! There are many different ideas out there for what to do, and some of the best are below.


It’s a Tradition:

In many cultures, the bachelorette party is seen as a celebration of marriage or a way to bid adieu to single life. In Canada it is known as a stagette, and in Europe it’s called Hen’s Night. Whatever you call it, it is traditionally a get-together with your girls for a little fun or relaxation.

The term “bachelorette party” came from the groom’s equivalent “bachelor party.” Many years ago, there was a tradition in Europe for the groom to be given a dinner in honor or his marriage. At the time there was nothing based on the bride. Later on, the bride was given a luncheon with tea to celebrate her marriage.

The term “bachelorette party” finally came about in the sixties, but was still more formal until the eighties when there was much stronger gender equality. Then in the last 20 years, bachelorette parties have gotten more elaborate with weekend getaways and fancy favors and accessories.


How Bachelorette Parties Have Become More Extravagant:

The trend has veered away from just booze and male dancers to more creative and unique party ideas. Women want to remember their bachelorette parties fondly and strive to do something different than the usual.

They may plan an entire weekend devoted to their last moments as a single woman or plan trips to Las Vegas or other tropical destinations and laying on the beach. This may stem from people getting married at older ages and now having the means to pay for more sophisticated parties that are more focused on fun and relaxation instead of hangovers.


Different Options:

Spa Day

Why not have a spa day with your bachelorette party girls? This gives a great opportunity for you to relax before the big day and get immense amounts of pampering. You and your girls can get massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. Most places you’re also able to bring in booze and food.

Many spas have unique interior design and can be an ideal setting for a bachelorette party. The designs speak to being pampered and make you feel great and at ease.

Slumber Party

Go back to your fond childhood memories when sleepovers were a very exciting thing! Gather together your favorite movies with great leading men, junk food, drinking games, Truth or Dare and whatever else you like. You can enjoy making your own cocktails, eating whatever you want and swapping sexy stories!

Scavenger Hunt

You can add an extra element to bar-hopping with a scavenger hunt! You can look online for some ideas and then add your own! Some of the ideas from Cosmopolitan Magazine for a photo scavenger hunt include taking a picture with a random man, convincing someone to serenade you and recording it, taking a picture with a man and doing a prom pose, taking a picture of a shot that’s on fire, taking a photo with a DJ, convincing a guy to show his not easily seen tattoo, find someone with the same first name as the groom, find another bride and buying her a drink and photo-bomb someone’s picture.

Destination Bash

As mentioned earlier, you can go on a trip with your girls. While Vegas is popular, you can also look into other places like Florida, Puerto Rico or even Portland. Many places have resorts. So, depending on where you choose to go, you could end up on the beach or horseback riding, it’s all up to what you want to do!


Games and Accessories:

Swag for going out

This can include buttons for the bride-to-be and each of her bridesmaids. They can be as simple as the title, or they can include lights and sounds. It all depends on how flashy you want to be. Many people will also wear shirts or carry bags with the same concept.

Games to Play

There are many games to play. A great one is for the Maid of Honor to quiz the groom ahead of time, then ask those same questions of the bride during the party. Sometimes people have the bride penalized for each wrong answer by having to stick a piece of gum in her mouth. Some brides end up with quite a lot of gum by the end!

You can also play charades with a theme, such as acting out old ex-boyfriends and having the others guess which one you are trying to portray.

Start planning a fun bachelorette party today! If you are a spa that caters to bachelorette parties, make sure you are properly insured. Contact Marine Agency to find out about our day spa and salon insurance policies today!

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