VIDEO: Insurance Lingo, Lesson 1

Insurance Lingo Lesson 1. Explaining insurance terminology in plain English.  Marine Agency – We make insurance easy.

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Business Interruption Insurance: What Does it Cost & More

You might be wondering “What is business interruption insurance and how do I know if it’s right for my business?” Well, business interruption insurance & extra expense (or “loss of business income”) coverage, though often an afterthought, is a critical component of a commercial property insurance policy. Coverage is broken into two main categories; business Read More »

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Protect Your Home: Ex-Burglars Offer Tips to Prevent a Break-in

Bank robbery – Male thief running with handbag

  While most homeowners take steps to prevent a break-in, the statistics on home burglaries paint a pretty grim picture. The FBI reports that in 2011, there were 2,188,005 burglaries across the United States, 0.9 percent increase from the previous year. Total losses attributed to those burglaries is estimated at $4.8 Billion. While these numbers Read More »

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Are you interested in serving on a volunteer Tattoo, Body Art and Body Piercing Advisory Committee?

The Department of Licensing is looking for individuals who are interested in serving on a volunteer Tattoo, Body Art and Body Piercing Advisory Committee The Department of Licensing is currently establishing a committee to advise the Department on the practice of Tattoo, Body Art, Body Piercing and Permanent Make-up. The committee will be assisting with Read More »

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Keeping Kids Safe on the Athletic Field with the Use of Mouth guards

Once kids get involved in sports, most parents being worrying about their health, particularly about their teeth – and keeping said teeth in the child’s mouth. Many coaches, schools, and athletic program are beginning to require mouth guards at all levels of play due to the benefits provided by the guard. A properly fitted mouth Read More »

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After many months, we’ve come to the conclusion that our customers will be better served in the long run by including more underwriter involvement in the entire quotation process. In other words, our online application platform ( will no longer provide “instant” quotes. Rather, your application information will be sent directly to an underwriter here Read More »

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Trend Alert: Bow Tie Fridays

Forget Casual Fridays, the latest trend in pre-weekend office and work wear has arrived, and it’s much fancier than the bourgeoisie business casual we’ve come to know and…well, feel somewhat ambivalent about. Yes, it has finally happened: Bow Tie Fridays is here! Across the country, newscasters, college students, cubicle dwellers and many other trendsetters have Read More »

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Truck Driver Safety Tips and Rules of the Road

Truck drivers have tough jobs. They have to log several miles and hours on the road on a regular basis, which can get tedious and boring. They have to maneuver humongous vehicles, many of which are carrying highly sensitive products. They also have to be well rested so that they can drive safely. How do Read More »

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Top Boating Apps

Boating is about as timeless an activity in which man has ever engaged. The practice has sustained whole communites via fishing and more than a few explorers have made some of the greatest discoveries known to man utilizing nothing more than a wooden boat and the night sky. Therefore, it is ironic that such an Read More »

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