Tattoos and body piercings are art forms that have been growing in popularity and there seems no end to the trend anytime soon. In order to meet the demand, there are an increasing number of businesses that cater to those who are interesting in getting new ink or piercings. Since the influx of business is so great, tattoo parlor owners need to protect themselves from potential liability that can occur when such delicate work is being performed. Occurrence form insurance coverage is something no tattoo and body-piercing parlor should be without. It provides a level of protection that cannot be achieved with another type of insurance policy.

What is occurrence form insurance?

Occurrence form insurance does not have a time limit on it like claims made insurance does. As long as a claim is made while a policy is in effect, the policy must respond to it, regardless of how much time has passed. Once the policy period has expired, the policy will still respond to claims that are made for covered issues, even if the claim is made many years after the causative event.

When does occurrence form insurance kick in?

According to About Money, in order for an occurrence form insurance claim to be covered, the following qualifications must be met:

  • The incident that precipitated the claim must be caused by an occurrence that takes place in the coverage territory
  • The incident must have occurred during the policy period
  • The issue must be unknown to the insured business before the policy was put into effect

How does occurrence form insurance help a tattoo and body-piercing parlor?

Since an occurrence policy protects the holder for a long period of time, it is quite beneficial to a tattoo shop owner. If someone makes a claim several years after they received services from the shop, it is still covered under the policy.  Body art parlor owners who have this type of extended coverage have peace of mind knowing that the policy coverage will always be there to protect the business.

What does tattoo and body piercing insurance cover?

Insurance for tattoo and body piercing salons has a wide scope of coverage. For example coverage from Marine Agency includes the following features:

  • Abusive acts liability, including molestation and physical abuse
  • General liability, including trips and falls
  • Professional liability (malpractice)
  • Property coverage for burglary, fire, theft, etc.
  • Automatic coverage for temporary guest artists
  • Automatic coverage for surface piercings and genital piercings
  • Liability coverage for off-site work, including shows and fairs
  • Inclusion of independent contractors

A true story

A woman had a simple tattoo applied to her foot. The next day her foot swelled to more than twice its normal size, and she was also in a significant amount of pain. She initially did not receive medical assistance, as she assumed it was a normal result of a new tattoo. When the foot did not get any better after two weeks, she decided to go to the doctor and was diagnosed with blood poisoning. The doctors feared that she might need to have the foot amputated. Thankfully, the doctors were able to save her foot, but she was left with some physical damage to the area as a result of the infection. A few years later, she sued the tattoo parlor because of the damage that was caused. Thankfully, the tattoo parlor had occurrence form insurance that covered the costs of the lawsuit and settlement. The shop owner was able to remain in business since the money did not have to be taken from the coffers of the company.

The Benefits of obtaining your tattoo and body piercing coverage with Marine Agency

Marine Agency provides the best coverage for tattoo and body piercing shops. It is the only company in the nation that provides comprehensive occurrence form insurance policies for tattoo artists and body piercers. Marine Agency’s policies are admitted (regulated) in every state and Washington DC. All policies are written on an occurrence form, so they never expire, and property coverage is written on an “open perils” form, which provides a short list excluded incidents.

Tattoo and body-piercing parlors are in a constant state of potential liability. There is always a chance that an artist can make an honest mistake that results in an injury to a client or in some other way puts the business in peril.  Having an occurrence insurance policy is a great way to protect the business from liability whenever a lawsuit may arise. Marine Agency has been offering tattoo and body piercing insurance for over 25 years. Our bodyMod program is both comprehensive and affordable.

If you own a tattoo and body-piercing parlor, contact us today to see how our years of experience can help you.



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